Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far so good

I woke up early and decided to go ahead and get up rather than trying to go back to sleep. I got to the Ballard pool in record time (Google said it was 14 minutes). The pool was pretty deserted and my swim was lovely.

The Ballard gym is too far away to be practical most of the time. And while there are a couple of things I like better than my regular gym, there are several - including the commute - that I don't. I am grateful to at least have a very nice Plan B until they see their way clear to fixing Plan A. I'll call my regular gym this afternoon or evening to get today's Line O' Bullshit. Best case, they fix today. It still takes about 24 hours to get it swimmable. So I'll be going back to Ballard tomorrow. Ironically, one of the things I don't like about the Ballard pool is that they keep the temperature just a little too warm. Sigh.

I started my way home about 7:15 and it was fine. A few more cars than yesterday but not enough to slow traffic. It's kind of cool to get up and swim and get home all before dawn. Now I've had breakfast, am about to finish my coffee, am caught up on LJ and ready to go sew and it's not even 8:30. It's ridiculous how much this tickles me.

I think I'm going on a little excursion today. I keep reading about the poke place over on Capital Hill just between the trolley stop and the light rail station. I think I'm going to hop on one of those and just take myself over there for lunch. There's a Walgreens and a QFC grocery nearby if I think of anything I need to pick up. Very low key adventure but fun... and, hopefully, tasty.

On one side note, I am just delighting in finding new Live Journal friends and reconnecting with old ones. Live Journal has made my life so much more rich and valuable in so many ways over the past nearly 15 years. I signed up to have a place to keep an only diary. It was a total surprise to find a network of really fun and interesting and thoughtful friends. I still do enjoy writing in my journal but reading the journals of others quickly became as valuable or more to me. And absolutely, the more the way merrier!!
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