Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The best Boxing Day Sale Ever!

I did go to Goodwill and made out like a bandit! I didn't even buy all the fabulous fabrics I saw. I actually left some behind. Most are pillow cases and the y are the best - very tight fabric that worn so soft from use and they are big. I'm guessing that most of the 25+ fabrics I got today will make at least 10-20 dolls each and some way more. And they are so fun!! And on sale.

The entire lot - everything - cost me $30. THIRTY BUCKS!! I told the woman at the cash register that I felt like I was stealing from her.

It took more more than an hour to trim away all the seams and wrap them around bolts.

I also stopped at the Japanese dollar store (where everything is $1.50). I bought a small travel brush there a year or so ago just recently lost it. I went back and they didn't have any. So it's been a quest. Every time I'm near the place, I stop and look. Today, I hit paydirt! I bought spares. They also had come fun doll trim.

A very productive trip. I came home and besides sorting out all the new stash, I made two dolls.

I just called the gym to ask if the pool would be warm enough to swim in tomorrow. And the guy said:

"Turns out the warehouse where are parts are is closed today so we couldn't get the parts here to fix the pool. Hopefully we can get them tomorrow. You should call back then."

This gym is unfuckingbelievable. They really do not care if we ever swim there again. If they fix it tomorrow and it's warm enough to swim in on Wednesday, it will have been unavailable for 4 weeks. I'm not putting money down on being able to swim there before the end of the week, if then. If the money for my membership was coming out of my pocket, I'd be in personal conversations with their corporate offices at this point. They are down to two stars on my Yelp review which I added an edit to just now. At least I have the Ballard gym. Hopefully, everyone will stay home and off the roads in the morning so I can get there and then back home.

I have had to reboot my modem twice in the past week. This is very unusual. Before last week, it had probably been a year. I have had phenomenal internet access for a very reasonable price and it has been bullet proof. I really really really don't want that to change.

I think I'll find a movie and work on the latest bear. I finished the one below last night.

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