Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back to our regular programming

I will admit it. Yesterday afternoon, I got bored. My Mom instilled in us that boredom was really just not acceptable in any way. Only true idiots with no imagination ever get bored. And Mom did good work. I never ever get bored... until yesterday afternoon. I think it was just attitudinal. I wasn't bummed or feeling left out, I was just not interested in doing anything at all. Plus, I ate as if I had been swimming so I felt stuffed and uncomfortable.

Today is a new day. I got up early and went swimming. No traffic on the roads or in the pool. It was glorious and I was home eating breakfast by 8 with a whole new day that I'm looking forward to. Swimming every day just makes my life so much better in so many ways. I'm so grateful I found it.

Even so, there isn't much on the agenda today but I'm totally fine with it now. Weird. I do need to change the sheets on the bed and do a load of laundry. There was an errand I wanted to do that required a walk up to the International District and now I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.

Sadly, I just saw that Goodwill is having a big after Christmas sale today. Yesterday I noticed that my Shit-To-Take-To-Goodwill hamper was getting full. So now I guess I'll need to go to Goodwill, make my donation and spend twice as much in the store. Oh well, good cause and all that.

I think it's time to quit piddling around and get on with it.

p.s. To everyone on my LJ Friends list, thanks for sharing all your fun Christmas stuff. I am way too lazy to Christmas myself but I did get a big kick out of reading all about yours and seeing the pictures.
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