Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice day so far!

I've been sleeping, lately, in a way that is just killing my arm - elbow and shoulder. I can't exactly nail the issue so I can't fix it. Fortunately, I have an adjustable bed so last night I cranked it up and slept fine. I woke up about 3 to pee and then flattened it for the rest of the sleep. Arm fine. Solution found? Hope so.

There were a lot of people there and ready when the gym guy unlocked the door this morning. The pool was pretty full most of my swim but with nice folks and good sharers. It was a nice swim. I tried to enjoy it doubly since there's no pool tomorrow. :(

As I got closer to home, I started seeing the tell tale signs of a Seahawks game. I had meant to look up the time and verify that it was tonight. I forgot and it's not. It's a 1:25. Good thing I didn't decide to run errands after my swim. They already had the streets blocked off and I had to go around my thumb to get to my finger and into my garage but I got here and I ain't going nowhere.

My Amazon package arrived already. Speakers for the PC and the sewing room (I hope) webcam. Also on the agenda for today are setting up the LJ Archive on the new PC and finishing up the GMail backup that I started last night.

And sewing dolls. And maybe finally watching the movie I bought the other day.

I pulled out one of my strata servings for breakfast. 1.5 mins in the microwave. Delicious. I think I have a winner.

Oh and here's a bear I finished last night.

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