Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No snow...

Twitter reported snow around town but we haven't seen any here. At least not yet!

I just made my daily pool call. I got this from the guy who answered: 'I talked to the pool guy this morning and he's going to try to get here tomorrow to put the new parts in but if not tomorrow then, Tuesday.' WTF? We have the parts now (10 days later) and our schedule for fix is now WHENEVER????? They close at 2 tomorrow. I have a reminder set to call them at 1 - just to torment myself one more time before Christmas. At least I have the Ballard pool. And at least the traffic probably still won't be horrible next week.

My strata is in the fridge ready for baking. I think I'm going to make that my dinner. ljtourist recommended two different kinds of tomatoes. I tried the first ones and they were good. This morning I found the second ones so I can have them tonight with the strata.

I got a new mouse for the new computer and it arrived today. It's bluetooth. I've never had a blutooth mouse before and I really like it. I loved my old mouse but it was sooooo old and it took up a USB slot. So buh bye. Hello, new mouse. You are very sleek and pretty and most importantly, you work! So now the new set up is complete. Everything - two monitors, 1 keyboard, 2 harddrives and a speaker are all plugged into the dock along with the computer. So when I use the computer at the desk, all is great. When I want it in my lap, I just unplug one thing and then replug it in when I'm done and everything hooks back up.

And I made a couple of dolls. The other set of sisters. Zoey was fairly invested in my not taking these pictures so that's why the angle and light is different. It was a battle.

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