Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wanna watch me sew?

I've had webcams in my living room for nearly 20 years. Always on - always streaming. I initially put them in so my Mom, who lived alone in Charleston, SC, could see me. She loved it so much. I'd get an email "be sure to comb your hair before you go anywhere" or "are you sure about that blouse with those pants????" or "whatcha watchin?" (I finally put one up that was pointed to the TV cause this last one happened a lot.)

It was great fun. When she died, my brother took up the mantel. He has a monitor in his shop that always has my webcam on the screen and below it is a sign that says "Say hi to my sister in Seattle!". He has his own Dropcam (with sound) so I can actually hear them when they say hi.

Vestigially, I had a Dropcam on top of my TV and then another IP cam off to my right. Really no need for two so I moved the IP cam back to the sewing room just now. There turns out to be really no great place to mount it. The current spot is a trial. We'll see how it goes.

All webcams are linked from

If you want to see my living room: or

If you want to watch me sew: or

You should not need a password for either view. And now I'll be sending that el-cheapo one right back to Amazon as soon as it gets here :)

(And to the random person who does not know me and finds this page, please refrain from telling me how insecure and unsafe having these webcams are. I totally understand and appreciate your concern and would appreciate it even more if you keep your thoughts and concerns to yourself.)
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