Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gym news

Last night I turned on the 10 pm news to catch the headlines and caught a nice long story about the car stolen from the gym parking garage. Turns out the owner is a woman who's keys and purse were stolen from her locked locker in the locker room. Sound familiar? Yep.

So think about how lucky I was! All I lost was my phone and some cash and some credit cards. This woman is out all that stuff PLUS a BMW and has to have her house completely re-keyed. Holy turds.

I called the gym just now in hopes that calling during the day might net better info and I was right. I got Zach (who is in sales but fills in at the front desk at lunch sometimes. Zack has worked there since it opened and may be the only original staff left.). Zach put me on hold and went to get the latest into. He says he was told the parts were in, the pool should be fixed today and tomorrow and be in full service by Monday.

This really could be fixed. Maybe in my lifetime!

All my suits have now been washed and are drip drying over the tub. I'm ready.
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