Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's never easy...

How in the world could setting up this PC turn out to be so difficult??!! It was like whackamole in this living room but, finally, all the moles are whacked. And I think I am, too!

But, let's go back. The housecleaner was late - some convoluted excuse that got lost in the translation from Bosnian - I knew that if I hung around, she'd be chatting me up a storm and take forever to get the house clean. The city pool was open so YEP. Swimming turned out to be the perfect solution in so many ways.

On the way home from the pool, my brother is texting me to go down and get the UPS delivery. I think he thought I was in the sewing room just ignoring The Big Delivery. He can see me via the webcams in the living room. Maybe I should put one in the sewing room... hmmmm that's a good idea!

Anyway, got home got the box, got lunch and got to work. The computer is much bigger, lighter and funner than I anticipated. Windows 10 is far more intuitive than not. The most difficult time I had was finding the damn search window. But finally I stumbled on it and found the rest of the stuff I needed after that.

It is so fast. It reboots in like no time flat. Really nice. What I was shooting for was a nice, zippy little laptop that I could keep hooked up to my monitors and always on but also easily decouple and use in my chair in my lap. That set up took some doing and a while and a lot of stretching under and around stuff and pulling cables and trying stuff. And doing it wrong and not figuring out how/why and finally finally finally getting it good. I'm pretty sure that now it's easily unhooked and rehooked and it works find tucked away using the external mouse, keyboard and monitors. I have more tweaks to do and I need new little USB speakers. The one I have now will do until the new one gets here.

Computer hardware and software has grown up so much. It's really amazing. I want to spend some quality time tomorrow exploring how Windows 10 works.

My house is so nice and clean. It's such a luxury.

I called the gym tonight:

I'm calling to see if there is any news about getting the pool fixed.

Oh, well, we've ordered the parts so it should be fixed in a couple of days.

In other words, nope... no news. Just the same old same old. Tomorrow I'm off to the far away gym. It really is better to swim first thing and it's also the best way to start the day.

I had Stouffer's Cream Chipped Beef for dinner and it was delicious. And I did get a doll done.

And I just ordered a web cam from Amazon for the sewing room :)
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