Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Out for Delivery

I love seeing those words when I plug in my tracking number. This is my new computer arriving today. On Monday, I left a return for UPS to pick up. They generally come anywhere from 1-4 pm but on Monday the tracking for the pickup shows they were here at 10:20. Probably that was just a tease and today they won't be here til 5.

This is a new machine (my last several have been referbs) and it's got both an ssd drive and Windows 10. I have an el cheapo Windows 10 tablet but it's too el cheapo to do much. I upgraded to Windows 10 when it first came out and after a month reverted. So this will be my first Windows 10 experience.

In the olden days, getting a new computer was a BFD because I had to transfer all the programs and all the data from the old to the new and it was slow and treacherous and so took days to get everything set up. Now so much of what I do is on a server far away, and my internet connection is so painless and fast, that really setting up a new computer is an hour long process at most. (Especially since I bought it from my brother and he's already done all the Windows updates - thanks, bro!)

I use Microsoft Publisher to edit my brother's newsletter, and Media Monkey to rip CD's to MP3's for my swim iPod Shuffle. The rest is really gravy. I have an old graphics program I like and some other nice-to-have stuff. And I'm interested in really seeing Windows 10 work the way it's supposed to. So... fun!

Today is also house cleaner day. My kitchen really needs it. No matter what I do, I can never get it as clean and sparkling as she does.

The jury is still out on swimming today. Tomorrow it's back to first thing in the morning swims. The gym in Ballard will be doable traffic wise tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. And hopetogod, my gym will have the freakin' pool fixed by Monday. So today, probably if no computer yet, I'll go about mid-day. If computer, I'll probably take the day off.

A fun computer note. Years and years ago - actually 2009, I just looked it up - I bought a little Windows software program of Big Ben Chimes. It was expensive for what it was but I love it. It's like having a grandfather clock in my house. I particularly love it in the middle of the night... I hear it chime down 2 am and know I still have a good half of the night yet to sleep. It's made by a company out of Singapore who, it appears, has not updated their software or their website in a loooooong time. I know from experience that it is not at all easy to move this Big Ben software from one computer to another. The licensing situation is weird and strong. If you can uninstall it, it's easier. That's what I did last time. Not an option this time. Today I sent an email with my order number and within an hour I had an email that the license was renewed and released so I can install it on the new one. So, even though it was pricey in 2009, it's been worth every penny!

I think I'll do a tour of the house to pick up anything that might get in the house cleaner's way and then hit the sewing room.
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