Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

But, if the pool ever does get fixed...

My gym membership is paid for by my Medicare Advantage Plan with a program called Silver and Fit. But my Plan no longer covers my doctor so I am saying buh bye to my Plan and switching to a new Plan which also pays for my gym membership with a program called Silver Sneakers. The problem is that the switch happens at midnight on December 31.

The gym isn't open on January 1 but, in my head, I've been worrying about what would happen on January 2. So every week or so, I go to the Silver Sneakers web page and fill in their 'am I eligible' form and they say NO!

I had the scenario of calling them January 2 and begging them for an email (instead of waiting for a membership card to come in the mail) verifying I was a member so I could get into the gym.

But, tonight I tried their web page and I'M IN!!! I got my account set up and found out they don't even mail out cards any more, it's print your own. Nice. So I am set. For the gym. If they ever get the fucking heater fixed.

Tonight they said 'hopefully by the end of the week'. I'm translating to 'hopefully by the time my Silver & Fit membership expires. Sigh.

I did read in the neighborhood blog that a BMW was stolen yesterday from the gym's parking garage and another car was broken into there this morning. That gym has some pretty ugly karma.

Apparently the new rule is no doll/bear shots after dinner as that is Zoey Time in the 'studio'. It looks like she's giving this guy the stink eye!

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