Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just had a late lunch... french fries - rather, pomme frites (from the air fryer) with a little bowl of hollandaise (warmed in the microwave) for dipping. It was delicious and decadent.

I made a couple of dolls this morning and then cut out the bits for some more and realized I was perilously low on faces. So I stopped and started on a batch of faces. The last big batch I made was before the machine died. Wow. Making the faces involves sewing down the felt eyes. I use one particular stitch that last time wrinkled up the face and was a huge struggle. Today it was easy, peasy no wrinkling. Nice.

I got to a stopping place and it was noon o'clock. Eat lunch or go swim? If swim, where? Google said it was 22 minutes in traffic to the LA Fitness in Ballard. And 23 minutes with lots of traffic bottlenecks to the really nice city pool. Without a lot of conviction, I just put on my suit and headed to the pool in the city center and it was fine. I got there after they had been open for nearly an hour and the first rush of swimmers had come and gone.

But, still, I hate swimming in the middle of the day.

My neighbor brought me bay rum apple tarts. And they are delicious!

The computer getting here tomorrow is looking better. The tracking number has now corrected itself with a new count, a new date, and it shows the box is now in Oregon. I'm hopeful.

Now I've got faces to finish.

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