Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When the bytes bite

I have had a $76.60 discrepancy in the Capital One Visa account for a week. When you tally up all the charges and credits since the last statement, you get an amount that is $76.60 less than what they say I owe. This is bugging the shit out of me. And, yet, not enough to call them about it yet. The answer will either be in my statement OR the evidence will be clear enough to make a phone call practical.

My computer is due to arrive tomorrow. The UPS tracking site says that it is due to arrive tomorrow, Wednesday, the 20th BUT just to the left of that, it says 2 business days from now. Wednesday, the 20th, is one business day from now. Which leads me to believe that my delivery will be borked. So I'm steeling myself for a probably snafu. But, again, no real recourse this time of year until we get way past either tomorrow or Thursday and then, what are they going to do except blame it on the holidays.

On the up side, neither of these things are at all critical and don't matter one bit to anyone but me so my best bet is to not let either of them ruin my day. Can do. I think.

Twitter just pointed out yet another wreck on the bridge. Had the pool heater not been broken, in a week I was counting on for no traffic, I would have spent a lot of time bumper to bumper. So... yeah?

I'm playing today's swim by ear. If I go, it will be to the pool that opens at noon. I'm going to decide sometime after 11. I did research last night and figured out that the Ballard LA Fitness (way better hours) is totally doable Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Cat luck. I have had, over the years, a wide variety of cats. A lot of cats throw up fairly frequently and very loudly. Zoey is a major exception. In the 7 years she's lived here, I'll bet she's thrown up no more than once a year if that. And zero retching. Hardly a sound at all. This morning she scarfed down her breakfast too fast and silently threw it up onto a very easy to clean up table and not near anything else. She is one considerate cat, that's for sure.

All cleaned up now and I think I'll head back to the sewing room. What in the world would I do without new dolls to make?!
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