Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The afternoon off...

I do pretty much the same thing the same way every day. And I like it. But the broken pool heater fucked that up. So today my day is comprised of the same stuff but shuffled all around and what a difference it makes.

Usually I get up, check email and LJ and then go swimming. Then I come home, have breakfast, make a doll, eat lunch, make another doll, and by now it's 3ish and I futz around, til dinner, watch TV and make bears.

Today, I got up, checked email and LJ and had breakfast. The I made 3 dolls and then it was 10:30 and I left for the pool. I had a nice swim, came home, had lunch and it's only 1:30! It's like I got two extra hours and I don't know where they came from. Weird.

Swimming at the city pool was ok. At least it was heated. I had a slow woman with flappy arms in my lane for about half the time. She kept flapping me every time we passed each other. And the parking is all fucked up until January. So... I'll be ready to get back to the gym the minute they get that sucker fixed. I'll call again later this afternoon for an update.

There's a fairly decent fried chicken place across from the pool so I stopped in and got some. My thought was to have it for dinner. But, I was too hungry so it was lunch. Dinner will be more like a snack, I suspect. I cannot imagine I'll be hungry again any time soon.

I also remembered to pick up the prescription. Score!

I want to see The Dressmaker. No one is renting it and purchase is in the neighborhood of $15 and I'm too cheap. BUT, today I got a half price coupon for a Google movie stream so... Score! This will be a nice little Christmas watch since I'm running out of TiVo fodder.

I saw my neighbor in the elevator earlier and he said he's bringing me a pie this afternoon. The is also probably another score.

I may go cut out some doll pieces or just futz the afternoon away. This is why I like all the days the same. I'm no good at recreating each one!

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