Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sew sew

New croc socks accomplished. They replace the ones that while not a vibrant gas smell, still made me remember the Great Gas Gush of yesterday. Plus they were done anyway. Crocs with fleece socks (that are buttoned into the crocs) are my best bet for wearing to the pool. My boots are too hard to get wet feet into and my other shoes aren't warm enough. So crocs with socks it is.

I'm not sure what the swim situation for tomorrow will be. I just called to get an update and the woman who answered the phone told me that they had a guy in who said he fixed it but he didn't fix it "I don't know details - that's a little above my pay grade - but I can tell you that LOTS of people around here are focused on the pool situation." She was laughing while she said it. So that pool is not going to be in the pool option mix for sure.

Maybe a city pool mid-day. Maybe one of the other LA Fitnesses if I can get there before 7:30ish (they all have classes in the pool at 9). Maybe I'll take the day off. I sure don't have to decide now.

I did make two dolls today and now I'm going to watch CBS Sunday Morning. I love love love what Jane Pauley has done for that show. I just sent them a thank you tweet.

Also two dolls made. Zoey, however, refused to move from the photo booth.

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