Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Odeur du gasolene

Yuck. I hate getting gas into the car. Hate it. Today I put the nozzle in and pulled up the little hook thing and took my hand away and the nozzle speweed gas everywhere. I grabbed it and turned it off and tried again and it did the same FUCKING thing. Now I think I will never not smell like gasolene. My car is in the garage with the windows open. I'm goinog to take some Fabreze down there in a little bit. My clothes are in the washing machine now. I hate hate hate getting gas into the car. If I had a way to charge an electric car, I'd buy one today.  But the condo won't allow it.

Until the gas incident the day was going pretty well. I got to the city pool just before they opened up the lanes. It's such a nice pool. I really wish it was closer and had better hours.  I only had to share my lane with one person and she was very gratious. So it was a really nice swim. It's fun to swim in a pool with a real deep end.  Monday-Friday, they have lap hours from noon-2:30. The not quite as nice but way closer pool has lap hours from 11-1:30. I figure those will be my go tos next week.  I hate swimming in the middle of the day but it's better than no swimming at all.

The pool today is across the street from a Dollar Store so I treated myself. I just love wandering around a dollar store. I sing to myself 'it's only a dollar!! tra la!' the whole time and fill my bag. When the bag is full, I'm done. Today's bag was $24 dollars worth which is more than usual and well worth it.

Then a quick stop at the grocery store and then on to The Gasolene Incident.

Time for some lunch and then some sewing. I've got no reason to go out again until tomorrow which is fine and dandy by me!

Oh here's a bear that got finished but didn't get into a journal entry yet:

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