Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Almost warm

I am warm blooded. I never had hot flashes during menopause but, instead, just got a constant warmth that never really left. I hate being hot. And I always am. Until today. I think swimming with the ice cubes for three days has knocked it out of me. I just put on fur lined boots to take the garbage down to the garage and my toes are now freezing. This is a sensation I have not felt in years. Not entirely unpleasant, actually.

My sewing machine sews again and, while better than it did when it was broken, it's now not perfect. The fabric doesn't feed as well as it did with the loaner. It's way quieter, than the loaner, though. The backstitch lever is in a different place and I keep changing the speed instead of back stitching. Oh well. I at least have it back and it sews and I have two dolls to prove it. I cut out the bits for 8 more.

Disconcerting but fairly productive day.

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