Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

up and down and up and down and...

The pool is not fixed. Now it is not only cold in the water but the cold water is now chilling the entire pool room. After swimming for 40 minutes, I decided that I enjoy swimming too much to endure this torture and I got the fuck out.

The front desk had a sign up yesterday saying the pool heater was broken and guy was coming at 9. This morning's sign said that pool guy was coming at 7. So I asked the young woman if she had any real information on when it might be fixed. She said "Well, the pool guy is coming today but we don't know when." I was getting ready to explain what kind of information I was interested in when a guy behind her stepped in and said that their swimming pool parts come from France.

"So," I said "It will be at least a couple of weeks before it is any warmer in the pool?" And he said they were working with corporate to get permission for fast shipping. And he added that they were hoping to get it fixed by next Monday or Tuesday. I was not happy at all this "pool guy is coming" info when the real info was "don't count on a fix before Christmas". And I was not all smiles.

I left the club and felt guilty all the way to the sewing machine place. The people at the gym front desk are not bright and should not be expected to give me any more information than is printed on their signs. It would be nice if they were more forth coming and would at least try a little but my expecting that is just torturing me.

One of the people on my friends' list who works in retail, just this morning posted an entry about how much harder the job was this time of year because people are mean and rude. It struck me and I pledge not to be one of those people. A pledge that I broke in less than half a day.

So, sitting in the parking lot at the sewing store, I called the gym. The two people I had been not nice to didn't answer the phone but the guy who did was shocked when I explained my call. He promised to find both people and extend my apology. And then he went on for a really long time about how wonderful it was that I had called. He was practically in tears. I really am sorry that I was not at least kind to them.

At the sewing store, I had already decided to just play it straight. I walked in and gave the first person (someone I had not seen) my name and the kind of machine I was picking up. He found it and then went to ring up the charge. He did about 5 double takes and finally said "Wow, this is your lucky day." The $170 service charge had been wiped to zero. I did pay $30 for a new part.

Oddly, they had no record of the loaner. I'll bet I could have kept it and they would have never asked for it back. Weird place. Really weird. But, at least I have my machine back and it's fixed. Although I have not tested it yet.

Swimming is going to be different for awhile. Tomorrow, I think I'll go to the city pool that is south of here. It's a great pool and not too far out of the way and open from 8:30-9:30. Sunday, I'll probably go the Ballard LA Fitness. It's crowded and the water is too warm but, at least there won't be any traffic and there's a great little breakfast place next to it for after. I'll worry about next week, next week. At least I have options. And, heck, it won't kill me to skip a day or two either.

Now I think I'll go set up my hopefully now fixed sewing machine and at least test it and maybe make a doll!
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