Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Why is all my tech turning on me???

The sewing machine shop guy never called me back. I finally called him and he said that my repair was not a warranty repair. I got real nice and asked him what he would do in my situation. Should I buy a different, more sturdy machine? What machine would he recommend? Was I being unreasonable to expect a $500 machine to last even a whole year? He had nothing. Sometimes this happens. [WTF??] I kept after him until finally he suggested he talked to his general manager and I said that would be so great.

Meanwhile, I looked at sewing machines on Amazon. I feel like I'm in the Bic sewing machine rut. Buy one, break it, buy another???

First my phone gets stolen, then my Pebble watch breaks, then my computer hard drive dies, and now my sewing machine... I'm just so frustrated.

Regardless, I'm taking the loaner back tomorrow and picking up my fixed machine. I already have the loaner in the car. I hope I don't have to pay $200 but if I do, I do and I just won't buy from them again. It's all luxury for me and I so appreciate that but just because I can afford this stuff doesn't mean I love being jerked around by it!


On a brighter note, my brother got to my laptop the minute the SSD got delivered this morning. He has it loaded with Windows 10, Office with Publisher, AVG and the software he uses to keep it all updated via VPN. And it's now with UPS on its way here. Wednesday. He's so sweet to give it a rush. I kept telling him to take his time but he didn't listen and I'm so grateful. I need a little happy tech.

Oh I did make one doll today

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