Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's pool excitement was... chilly. Tuesday it was chilly. Yesterday it was cold. Today there was a sign at the front desk saying the pool heater was broken. Doh. The first few laps were brutal. The first 15 minutes was pretty fucking cold. The rest was really fine. No heater sure does cut down on the pool riffraff. Except for one guy who lasted 5 minutes, I had the pool to myself.

And then on to Barrie's which was just perfectly delightful. First of all. What an amazing location!

Theirs is the downstairs part of this duplex. Look at that view?!!!

But, the inside is even more amazing. Turns out their taste is exactly mine. Everything about their place is amazing. Plus, they really made it special. I had never met her husband who turned out to be delightful. He made a lovely breakfast for us - I mean pretty to look at and delicious. Scrambled eggs that were perfectly done, bacon, also perfectly done and pancakes! I told them I'd be coming back every morning.

And we got in a really nice visit. It was just fun.

As I left, I got a voice mail message from the sewing machine place that my machine was ready. My intention was to go home, get the loaner and go on over to pick it up. BUT, there is a Seahawks game tonight and the place is already congested with people setting up and getting ready so I'll go tomorrow. I did call and found out they want $250 for the repair. That's about half what I paid for the machine 9 months ago. I'm not very happy about that. I asked why it wasn't covered under warranty and was told to call back in 30 minutes and ask for Gabe. I guess Gabe needs time to get his story down.

If this loaner didn't have such a crappy bobbin situation, I'd be tempted to tell them to keep mine and I'd keep this one but it is just too much of a hassle to thread. Just talked to Gabe who explained that service isn't covered under warranty only defects. He's going to look up my case and see if the service was because of defects. He's going to call me back right away. (Right way, apparently, is somewhere north of an hour.)

I think I'll go make a doll and then pack the machine up for travel tomorrow.
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