Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This and that

Today was a hodge podge...

I'm still trying to noodle out a scheme for carrying my ID, cash and credit cards. Taking my purse (even as small and pared down as it is) to the gym just seems stupid and pointless. BUT, I need a driver's license to get there. I even looked up the law to ensure that it's clear there is no loophole here. There isn't. So I think I'm going to keep my license in the car. If I go clubbing and/or buying marijuana, I'll just have to remember to get it out of the car. I do have an expired one I can keep with me for emergencies.

A month or so ago, I split up my big Pothos plant into pretty smaller pots. The idea was to have them on hand for gifts. They are really nice plants and you have to work so so so very hard to kill them that it's not worth the effort. They are now nicely matured and looking quite respectable so I'm going to take one to Barrie's tomorrow as a thank you for inviting me and making me breakfast gift. I'm really looking forward to seeing her house.

And I made a couple of dolls.


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