Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Still sharp after all these years...

In 1985, I was working for IBM in Charlotte, NC and my boss asked me if I was interested in interviewing a for a job in the real estate division. I said sure. The job was in New York (White Plains) and I flew in and interviewed with the woman who would be my manager and then her manager, Joe. Joe and I clicked instantly. It was kind of weird, actually but he felt like one of those guys you've always known.

I got the job and worked there for nearly 2 years and loved the job. It was fascinating. I got to hobknob with famous architects (Philip Johnson was a favorite dinner partner and very snarky) and do and see things I would have never been exposed to.

Joe was a great 2nd line manager or (grandboss as the kids these days say hehehehe) and he helped me get my next job which was even better (and in Minnesota). After I left his employ, he became a real friend. He and his wife were gracious hosts when they invited me to their home when I returned for visits. He retired along the way - a long time ago now, actually.

We used to exchange emails every year or so. He used to check in on my via web cam (he may still, I don't know) but always always a Christmas card arrives in my mailbox with a special note just for me.

The card came today and I was touched as always. Every year I'm struck by how special it is that he remembers me every year.

So this afternoon I wrote him a chatty email catching him up on me. I mentioned by stolen phone only to illustrate how much I still love fiddling with tech and watching the thief remotely try to get in to it every day and knowing she sees STOLEN every time she turns it on is satisfying.

I got a very fast reply with a simple and simply BRILLIANT suggestion. He suggested leaving a message to drop the phone off at a Starbucks and have them call me for pickup. I mean she knows by now that without the passwords she has a lovely brick on her hands that she can't use and no one will likely buy from her.

So I promptly changed the message. My character count is very limited but, here's what she now gets when she turns on the phone.

Screenshot 2016-12-13 at 1.49.58 PM

It probably won't result in my getting the phone but heck on wheels, it's a great suggestion and, what if it does work??!!

Good Old Joe.
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