Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have a longer than usual list of things I should do. And I probably won't do any of them.

The one that's carrying the most weight now is a posting I just saw on the bulletin board in the garage. Some guy who just moved here is looking for someone to share his dog. Older dog with high energy who basically needs companionship and someone to play with while the guy is at work. Not a as necessity (dog walker) but as a favor to the dog. I would love to do this except, the dog is a lab. Yes, I know labs are sweet and wonderful but they are huge and very messy - shedding and slobbering everywhere. But mainly just so big.

But, it would be a great excuse to get out and nice to have a dog buddy and really the best way possible, no bills, not totally dependent on me. But it would be such a commitment. Every single day. If it were a small dog, I'm pretty sure I'd sign up immediately. But a lab. And there is Zoey to consider. I can't see her welcoming a big energetic dog.

That's her on my knee right now. If there was a big energetic dog in the house, I'm pretty sure she'd be in teh back of the closet. I like her on my knee.

I have a prescription I should pick up at the pharmacy. It was ready last Thursday but not til 5. The pharmacy is pretty near the center of town. I'm not doing that at 5. Friday was a snow day. They aren't open on weekends. I forgot yesterday. Today is the Seattle Sounds MLS cup winners parade downtown so I could use that as an excuse but it really isn't that near the pharmacy.

I have a deep drawer here in the living room that I have just been tossing paper into for more than a year. I'd kind of like to find my sewing machine receipt and if I have it, it's in that drawer. It would be good

to get the drawer sorted anyway. I should do that.

I should go for a walk or get out and take a bus ride or do something outside these four walls but I don't wanna.

So many shoulds. It's rather luxurious and freeing to ignore them all if I want.

My swim was great. Still not traffic. I dropped my dead laptop off at the shipping place which was a very busy joint this morning. Oh and it was snowing when I left the gym. Just barely and I almost didn't notice. It stopped by the time I left the shipping store. Sigh.

Time to sort through the shoulds. Plus Zoey just left my knee.
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