Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wait... shouldn't that be under warranty??

The other morning while I was swimming I was thinking about my broken sewing machine that I bought last March. It is now back where I bought it getting fixed. I was quoted $170 for the fix and $20 for the parts. And then, in mid swim, it dawned on me... this was a brand spanking new machine that didn't last a year. That sucker must have a warranty of some kind. And, of course, it does. Now, I'm sure there is fine print that says something like 'nothing is really covered' but I do have an email from the parent company now saying there is a 1 year mechanical warranty and a 3 year electrical warranty on the machine I bought. I'd really like the repairs to be covered. We shall see. It soon will have been there a month for repair. Good thing I got a loaner and like the loaner but I do want my machine back.

My brother picked me out a Lenovo ThinkPad and dock. He's going to add memory and swap out the hard drive for a faster one before he sends it. The dead one is all boxed up and I even hauled it down to the car so I wouldn't have to screw with it tomorrow morning.

I spent a lot of time today doing the little things like rearranging the cabinet where the catfood and paper products live. That enabled me to put in more toilet paper which freed up some closet real estate. I gathered video cables from all over the house into one place. I found no mini HDMI but I think I found every other flavor on the planet and they are all in one place now so whew.

I also went through my PC CD wallet and got rid of all of the Windows XP discs as well as a bunch of very old Microsoft program discs like Front Page. I kept some Windows 7 but they probably should be tossed as well.

And I made some dolls...

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