Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A much better Monday

This time last week I was in the panic of what to do next after my stuff was stolen. Today is sooo much better a day.

The pool was not crowded. There was NO traffic coming home. AND I just read on the West Seattle Blog that after noon on Friday, there is no more school til January 2 which means, I hope, mostly free flowing traffic for the next 3 weeks!

Today I need to sort out cables. I know I have a mini hdmi cable here somewhere and have no idea where it is. I think it might be out in a cabinet on the terrace but it was really hard to find last night in the dark.

And I need to get into the back of my closet to the laptop boxes and pack up my laptop and dock and power bricks to send to my brother. I was not planning to buy a new computer. My rainy day fund is getting sucked dry. On the up side, I've definitely decided not to buy a replacement for the phone that was stolen. I'm fine with what I've got now. It was sure handy to have a back up phone and now I don't but I live close enough to enough places that picking up a new one would be easy enough if necessary.

My swim buddy, Barrie, broke her foot in October. It now looks like she might be able to get back into the pool in a couple of weeks. But, meanwhile, she's invited me to breakfast after my swim on Thursday. I'm quite excited. She lives in a two unit condo building that juts out over Puget Sound. Plus, it will be fun to catch up. I've sure missed seeing her.

Well, look who's up. Shortly after I woke up this morning, Zoey, hopped onto the bed and burrowed herself into the comforter. She normally waits by the front door for me to get home from the pool which to her means BREAKFAST. Today she stayed under the comforter. However, since she is now sitting on my left arm while I type this, I'm thinking breakfast is now on her mind.

Guess I'll dish it out and then get on that cable project.
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