Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Raising from the dead... I hope. Nope.

So my trusty Dell laptop - referbed a year ago - has, after some diagnostics and swearing, a bad hard drive. Sigh. I just gave it new memory but, apparently, it wants a different kind of love.

On the up side, this is right in my brother's wheel house, I have a very handy UPS package/ship place who has kindly handled all of my returns for more than a year now and I'm glad to be able to finally give it some real business, I don't really need the computer for about 2 weeks which is how long it will take to repair, and, probably most importantly, there is nothing on it that cannot easily be recovered.

So really, while annoying, it's no where near tragic or disastrous.

My swim this morning felt particularly good. There's a small older (although probably my age or younger) Asian woman I see nearly every day. She's always walking on the treadmill wearing a really nice looking sweater set. Today, I ran into her the locker room "You swim every day?? Oh I could not. Too cold that water." And then, after my shower, I saw her doing that treadmill walk and we exchanged big smiles and waves. It's fun to have gym friends.

Nothing big on the agenda today. Sewing dolls, packing up laptop for a trip to Texas, watching TV. I saw The Trans List last night (Netflix) and it was really nicely done but I would have loved to have seen about twice as many folks on the list. It was compelling to hear them tell their stories.

While I watched I finished this gender neutral bear.

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