Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Safer and smarter

A couple of weeks ago, I installed gmvault to download a database of all my gmail. It's basically a command line program and my command line skills are as rusty as an old boat. I was enormously proud of myself for being able to set it up, schedule it and tailor it to flag me down if/when there is a problem.

And, today, there was a problem. My lovely She-Thief prompted me to change my Google password which I had not done in way too long. I set up two factor authentication a long time ago so I got lazy about actually changing the password. So, when I changed it this time, there were lots of little surprises like my gmvault program not capturing any gmail this week due to an authentication issue...

I guessed what the issue was immediately but it took a fair amount of noodling to fix it. I not only fixed it, I tailored the README file with notes on what to do when it happens again. Proud.

pink_halen is going on another trip! If you've never traveled with he and Ron before, do yourself a favor and add him to your friends list. They go such interesting places and capture the stuff that normal travelers do not and skip the stuff you've seen in everyone else's travel pix.

But, that's not all... Now, Ron is going to chronicle the same trip from the other side of the 10th (impressive) deck cabin.

I love going around the world without ever having to move my toothbrush from the bathroom sink.

The Seattle Sounders won the Major League Soccer championship tonight in Toronto about an hour ago. Now a ginormous and loud faction of their fan base has descended on their stadium across the street. They are marching and chanting and there is a long line of cars in the street below my terrace just honking their little hearts out. It's a rather joyful Saturday night around here.

I hope they all go home before they turn into Seahawkians.
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