Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good Karma Saturday

I got to the pool about 10 minutes before it opened. The good front desk lady was there so the doors were open. I had the pool entirely to myself for the first 40 minutes. Over the next 15 minutes 2 other people started swimming and then in the last 5 minutes, 7 swimmers showed up! I got out of there while the gettin' was good. Nothing was stolen today. Whew.

I had read that one of my favorite places to eat - Luna Park Cafe - was having a craft sale. The staff and family and friends were going to set up outside the cafe this morning. I thought I'd drive by and if the line for breakfast wasn't too long and I could find parking, I'd stop and eat. I found a crazy excellent parking spot. The line was not long at all.  As soon as I gave the guy my name for the wait list, about 10 people showed up behind me.

Luna Park is as close to a diner as we get around here. It even has working juke boxes at the tables. They've been there forever and have not changed the menu items since Regan was in office and, most importantly to me, have continued to be kale free. I had a great breakfast. The craft show turned out to be not so interesting and didn't start until 11 and I was done at 10:30 so I decided to just move on.

I went up the my favorite market. It's the Red Apple on Beacon Hill. They had pork chops (and they cut a great pork chop) and nice beef roast cuts on sale! They are the only ones that sell my favorite milk in quart bottles and they had everything else on my list. And I remembered to get button batteries. And they now do Android Pay. Win win win win.

Now I'm home with nothing more on my Need To Do Today list. There's TV and sewing and reading and all manner of interesting things availalbe to amuse moi.  Nice.
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