Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just got my replacement Discover card. The new Visa and the new Discover each have new credit card numbers as expected. They have the same expiration date as their predecessors but here's the weirdest part... They both have the same 3 digit security code!! Freaky but at least I stand a good chance of remembering it every time no matter which card I use.

It looks like it could start snowing any minute and it is definitely cold out. My twitter feed is full of weather people and they are all over the weather map on today's forecast. Snow, no snow, winds, no winds, cold is the only thing they are all on the same page about.

Still no luck getting through to the police theft reporting. I do appreciate the non emergency number.

It's been a nice day here. I remembered the final thing from swimming. I decided to add a velcro strap to the swim bag pocket where my phone now lives. I got that done. It looks nice and works like a charm.

I got two dolls finished and now I think I'm going to do some bear-ing.

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