Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Short term memory - I has none

While I was swimming today, I thought of 3 things I wanted to do when I got home. I then added another when I got out of the pool. One of those things fell out of my brain before it got done. Very frustrating.

I did remember to test out my Google two step verification without my phone. I have it set up now so that when I log into Google, after I enter my password, I have to tap YES on my phone. I wanted to know what my options were if I did not have my phone. Turns out there are several and I added another so cool.

Turns out filing a police report is not that easy. I've been trying to do it by phone but they are just too busy - can't get through. I have a prescription to pick up that is not far from a precinct. I may try to go do it in person this afternoon or tomorrow.

Someone turned on my stolen phone yesterday. I wiped it clean on Monday. Today I put a new lock (a password not my google password) on it with the message that it has been stolen and added my phone number. SO, when someone turns it on again, it will be locked and the stolen/phone number message will appear on the screen. Until it runs out of juice. The Android device manager is a cool tool.

I've been using my Pebble watch as my fitness tracker as well as a handy way to tell time and a few other cute tricks. Earlier this week, Pebble announced they were being sucked up by Fitbit and will likely be phasing out their support. Today, my Pebble watch died just after I got into the pool. I have revived it but I think it's time to go back to Misfit hardware. As much as I love cool tech, it can bite you. Oh well.

And speaking of bites. No word from the sewing machine hospital either. If no word by tomorrow, I'll call.

Still trying to remember that last thing... no joy.
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