Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fixing stuff

My Windows laptop has been just struggling. It's better after new memory but it was time to lose some unnecessary USB attachments. One was a funky USB Video connector that enabled me to run a third monitor. The other day, the internet went out for a minute and we got a notice that the electricity might be shut off for 4 hours the first week in January. So I was mentally revisiting my emergency tech. I have an old chromebook that has 2MB of T-Mobile data for free every month and I can buy more if need be. I like keeping this old dog around and up to date just in case. So today, I attached it to the third monitor and found a sweet little slide show program to run. Nice.

I hate having pill bottles out. It's just a denial thing. Plus I don't like to fuck with them daily. So I have 12 little boxes of 3 sections each and I dose them out every 36 days. I did that today and therefore buying me 36 more days of denial.

Then I packed up a few things that I don't need any more and made a trip to the free shelf in the garage.

The snow prediction has been tamped down considerably. Sigh. We usually get about 10% or less of any snow predicted. Now we're going to get maybe 10% of that 10% as in... a flake. Sigh.

My house is very clean. I'm going to have a loaded baked potato for dinner and maybe some baked apple with it.

Oh and I made two dolls. I'm having a hard time finding cheap felt for hair. The hair on these dolls is made from felt that is really no good for hair. I scored some good, cheap stuff from JoAnne's on Black Friday but it's in very limited colors. I wonder if the dollar store has any... hmmmmm

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