Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting back to normal

It honestly felt a little weird going back to the gym today. My plan seemed to work. I left clothes in the locker (that were, thankfully, still there when I got done) and took everything else with me to the pool. I had a nice swim but got out about 5 minutes before I normally would just because I felt like it. My tracking app, however, said I had gone 1.2 miles Normally, I'd need those 5 minutes and a little more to get to 1.2 miles. I think it gave me a sympathy bonus but I'll take it.

My car phone holder is one of those that pokes into the vent and then grabs the phone by the magnet on the back. I had to order a new magnet which should be here today. The stolen phone was too small to read easily when on the mount but this 6P sure isn't. That will be a nice trick to have back. Also I'd forgotten how much better this phone's speakers are. But it sure is a battery hog.

ljtourist and I tried a new (to us) sushi place last night. It is a tiny tiny (4 2tops and a 4top plus a 6 seat chefs bar) but really lovely place. It was a drawn out event. Every piece of sushi was prepared in front of us and served individually. One lady got snipped at by the chef because she did not eat her sushi in one piece. She also got it again when she was served and said she would wait to eat it until her husband's piece was served. Again, chef said no no no. Eat now. It was an experience and a good one but upon reflection, I think it's not one that needs to be repeated. I'd absolutely go back to the one we went to last week. But, whew, it's a pricey eating habit!

The housecleaner is scheduled to come today.

My sewing machine is due to be fixed and ready for pick up today, as well. If they call early enough I'll go get it, if not, I'll go tomorrow. I'm really enjoying this loaner. It's only fatal flaw is a hidden bobbin. You have no way of knowing if the bobbin thread is running out until it's gone and in the middle of a seam. On my machine the bobbin sits just under a clear plastic cove where I can easily monitor it's stash.

We're having some colder than usual days here. It's kind of nice. They are predicting snow for tomorrow which will be Very Very nice!
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