Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the hits just keep on comin'

My tracker is going to call 911. It thinks I died. I will end up today with about 1/10th of my usual. And the streak ends... whew.

I got a whiff that possibly someone was trying to access my Google account. RED FLAG. So, I did what I should have done yesterday. Changed both the password and my 2 step verification method. I'm pretty positive that there is no way anyone could crack my Google account with simply my wallet but it would be more dangerous than their having my wallet for sure.

So... password changed. And that will, I'm sure, be rippling out over the next few days in various ways.

Also rippling is my credit card replacement. That sweet little guy at Capital One who was so kind and fast and efficient yesterday, worked his magic and my replacement card was in my hands before 3 pm today. (Capital One also has a very active Twitter account and it's oh so satisfying to praise them publicly and have that praise acknowledged by them on the spot.)

Now I am going through all my online accounts and changing the credit card number. At least I do have a list of them in my Super Spreadsheet. So it's go to one, make change, mark it off on ss. Go to next one. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I canceled my physical therapy appointment. My arm/elbow just doesn't hurt enough any more to justify it. I sent Steve PT a note explaining why and thanking him. (Again, thank you, Polyclinic, for giving me My Chart function. It's such a frustratingly limited application BUT it's so much better than not having it.)

I filled out the BECU form and signed it and faxed it (thanks, free fax people). And the funds were reversed back into my account by noon. So yeah.

And I made some dolls which felt really good. There is something very therapeutic for me about making those dolls. It makes me feel better about everything. Oh and I finished a bear last night.

And I also made a phone pouch to pop into my swim bag. It's plastic on the outside and fleece on the inside and it fits into one of the outside pockets very nicely. So now I can just pop the phone into the pouch, and hang the bag in the pool room where I can keep an eye on it. Better than leaving it in the car plus I use it to check into the gym.

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