Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday the pool was lonely. Today the pool was packed. At one point there were 4 people in 2 lanes and 3 in the other lane and 2 people on the side of the pool waiting their turn. This is why I get there before they open and wait. I'm the first one in so my water real estate is secured for my swim.

Coming home there were the usual tailgate parties that you see for every home Seahawks game. Grills fired up, flag wavers with flag in one hand, beer in the other. Party hearty. Except. 1. it was 9:30 am and 2. the game doesn't start until 5:30 tonight. It must be a nationally televised game because the number of camera crews is about doubled. They were also setting up this morning. Having a professional sports stadium as your next door neighbor is rarely dull.

Today I think I'll do a load of laundry and pack up the dolls and bears. I have a swim suit cut out and may spend some sewing time putting it together.

I just went back in my journal to find out when that horrible itching problem started last year. I thought it was December but now I'm guessing it was more like January. I'll find it more easily in LJ Archives (better search) but that's on the Windows machine so, later.

BUT I did discover the very first Black Apple Doll I made. It was December 26 last year.

I now make all the eyes black (and smaller) and don't sew the hair down and both the arms and the legs are fatter but she was the first. Wow. Last night I got all the doll photos better organized in Flickr. Flickr's not too happy with albums of more than 500 photos. So I started a cluster of albums each with 500 dolls. I think that will work better.

Meanwhile, I've been diligent about putting cream all over my back the minute I get out of the shower so, hopefully, there will be no itching issues this winter.
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