Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cold and gray and ok with me

We've had a string of cold and gray days. The sun came out this morning for a bit but quickly left. I really do find comfort in extra sweaters and slippers and my wonderful comforter. If I have to go out, knowing that I'm not going to have to fight sun glare is nice. I totally get that these days are anathema to many but not to me. I love 'em.

I made 3 dolls and finished a bear. Tomorrow is pack 'em up day. Delivery day is Monday.

My elbow is twinging now and again but no real pain and I am not babying it at all. I think there's a good chance I won't be going back to see Steve the PT.

My automated gmail back up program that I set up last week just did its weekly run. I added a pause into the instructions so that it will pop up when it's finished and I'll know for sure it worked. I honestly consider it an umbrella fix. Like when you remember to take your umbrella it never rains. Forget it and you'll be sopping wet before you get home.

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