Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning there were two millennials (female) who showed up independently of each other before the gym opened at 8. They were each shocked and indignant and hilariously furious that the gym wasn't open yet. They decided in the 10 minutes we waited that a petition must be created for everyone to sign that would force the gym to open earlier. They were so very sincere and had not one drop of doubt that such a petition would work as law.

By the time the doors did open, there were a fair number of others waiting - more than usual and all new (to me) faces. And, yet, the pool was totally mine for the first 45 minutes of my swim. Weird. My latest goggles, which I really like for blocking out the sun's glare and for comfort are becoming fog monsters and are leaking a little. They need adjusting about every 15 minutes. Finally today I did some research and at lest the fogging seems to be because they are mirrored. Sigh. There are about 49,973 different kinds of goggles out there. I feel like I'm going to have to buy and try each one before I hit perfection.

I swam with my webbed gloves on and my arm/elbow was fine! Tired by the end but fine. I think I may be cured. I am still going to do that exercise he gave me and take notes. But, honestly, I think whatever it was is gone.

I stopped at Trader Joes on my way home because... Last Christmas I got this toffee nut candy that was so amazingly delicious. When I went back to get more, I was told December 2016. So... this time I got two. And I may go back for more before the end of the month.

I burned the bacon for breakfast and now my house smells like burned bacon. Ugh. I need to give the kitchen a good cleaning and then spray it down with something. No other plans for today. Sewing, TV, etc.
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