Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Catching up

This morning I did not get up and go swimming. I screwed around for a while and then got up and went downtown to my physical therapy appointment. I got there way early and got lucky. Steve, the PT guy took me in early.

I'd never ever in my life had any physical therapy of any kind ever. I kind of figured that he'd show me a couple of exercises and tell me to do some stuff and not do other stuff and that would be the end of it. Ohhhh how wrong I was.

He asked me a bajillion and a half questions and explained everything nicely without being boring. He tested my neck thoroughly. Found nothing. Then he did a bunch of other tests and found nothing. There are two spots that if you poke them they hurt but mostly I'm pretty fine.

He gave me an exercise to do every two hours and told me to monitor all elbow/arm feelings and write them down with details. If my arm does not hurt any more by next week, I can declare victory. If it does hurt, I go back with my diary on Thursday and we go from there. It was overall a very pleasant experience. Much better than yesterday's at the other physical therapy office.

Oh and Steve says I do not have to wear the annoying arm brace unless my elbow starts to hurt.

Oh and he measured my grip strength. 65 with both the right and the left hands... Then he looked up average for 67 year old women... 25! I'm a grip monster!!

I got home from there and grabbed my suit and went to the pool. It was weird swimming so late in the morning. The gym was packed but the pool was pretty empty. Just some old (probably younger than me, actually) walkers and me.

Then I stopped and got a pizza for dinner and then down to the fancy assed grocery store to get some tomatoes that ljtourist said don't suck. The fancy assed grocery store has turned half of its salad bar into a poke bar! I was tempted but 1. $16 a pound? and 2. I had my hands full but next time maybe.

Now I'm hope and I ate the sandwich I picked up at the fancy assed grocery store. I think I'm going to hang up my suit and put away some stuff and then do my exercises which are already late. Then maybe sew up a doll.

I don't have anything else on the calendar until next week.

I forgot to post yesterday's dolls!

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