Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok so maybe it will work out

My doctor is so cute and so smart and now is sporting an Apple watch band in powder blue which I think is so endearing. He held my arm out and punched two spots hitting the target perfectly. He had my push one way and then the other and then another and said ... yep, mild [multisylabicgobblediguk] tennis elbow.

I showed him my band and he said he had a better one. And he wanted me to go to physical therapy. And then things took a downward turn. The scheduler found a PT appointment in a week and a half at 5 pm. NFW. His office is in the center of downtown. I'm not doing that at 5 pm. and a week and a half?? I plan to be cured by then. I squawked and he rescheduled for 4 pm in two weeks. And I could pick up my elbow brace on th 4th floor.

So I go to the 4th floor. I had waited about 10 minutes when a woman came out and called Susan and a guy (swear) got up and went back with her. A woman next to me got up, confused. Turned out, there were 3 Susans sitting right there together and one was a guy. OOOOOh Kay.

The second Susan went back about 15 minutes later. And I waited and waited and waited. I heard someone making a PT appointment at the desk so while I waited I went up to that guy and asked him if he could change my appointment to something better. He got me 9 am tomorrow at a building I can easily get to by bus.

I waited some more. Finally a woman came out and got me. She was borderline rude and it took less than 2 minutes for her to get the brace, put it on, show me how and send me on my way.

But, swimming! In order to make a 9 am appointment tomorrow, I'd need to leave for swimming at 5:30. Do I want to do that? and what if it's crowded and I get stuck in traffic? So tomorrow will be Yet Another Adventure. A bus ride downtown in the morning and then swimming in the middle of the day. Oh wait, that means Papa Murphy's near the pool will be open so I can get pizza for dinner after my swim. Ok, that works.

I really could skip a swim day but, my tracker has my current streak at 197 days of hitting my goal in a row. I really really want to see 200. It's all about the tracking. And the streak won't see even 250 because the gym will close on Christmas so no swimming. Sigh.
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