Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lots of different stuff

I finally give up. I gave the LJ new style another shot. This time for six weeks. And, while there is much I really do like about it, having to read my friends entries in that skinny column is just too brutal. Not worth the good stuff. So it's back to the old days for me. I do appreciate LJ's letting me switch back and forth.

I did not sleep that well last night and I have no good reason. Then, this morning, I got hung up on setting up my December finance spreadsheet and left late for the pool. So I got out later than usual. I did confirm that my sweet spot as far as the pool is concerned is to get there no earlier than 7:15 and no later than 7:30. At least for now. And my hair cut?! Wonderful for swimming. It's so nice not to get my hair caught up in my goggles and music player. Plus, 'doing' it after my shower is a 1/2 second finger comb. Nice. very nice.

My doctor's appointment is at 11. My arm and elbow feel better but the ache comes and goes so I'm glad I made the appointment. I want it to go away once and for all. After that, the day is mine and probably there will be sewing and other stuff.

I did figure out a solid plan for getting my big bills paid - the ones that are due this month, next month and February with cash on hand and without getting myself into financial discomfort (I love that term). So that's a relief.

Not a relief is the probably true rumor that Pebble watch is being sold and phased out. Sigh. I was hoping for improvements. Oh well. I can always go back to the Misfit Shine when my current watch dies and maybe it won't for a while.
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