Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

all my hairs are cut and ...

So my new weekly adventure was to be Friday but I think I'm going to move that (museum visit) to January and just made a little mini adventure out of my hair cut. I took the street car which is very slow but a block away and dirt simple and very pleasant. I got there early so I killed some time in Walgreens.

The class this time was a big one. The last time I was a model for a class there were only 2 students (and the hair cut was really bad). Today there were a half dozen students and mine was slow but she did a really good job. I'm happy with my free haircut. I do wish that the young people who cut hair would not automagically assume because I'm old that I need an old lady haircut. But probably it's ok.

Speaking of old, my brother just told me that his wife (who has been my sister-in-law for 2 decades) is turning 60 tomorrow. My first thought was 'OMG, I had no idea she was so young!' Everything - I mean everything - is relative.

After my haircut instead of walking up two blocks to the street car, I decided to walk down a dozen blocks to the center of town and catch a bus, but there weren't any so I just walked. 2 miles. And, amazingly, I was never out of breath once. For so long doing anything required so much breath I didn't have and now I can walk so far that my feet hurt and never even have a single breathing problem. So cool.

It was a lovely walk, too. I stopped on the way and got a sandwich for lunch/dinner. I brought it home and probably will have it for an early dinner. ljtourist gave me some amazing potato chips so I figured the sandwich would be an excellent accompaniment.

Before I left on my adventure, I made two dolls. I couldn't figure out if I wanted the gingham for the dress or the stockings so I made one each way.

A while back, teragramm was kind enough to send me a whole bunch of fabric and trimmings for doll making. In the package was an enormous batch of shoe strings. I mean I have shoe strings to last many lifetimes. They are blue and red. Pulled apart, they make amazing red hair and blue hair. For these two dolls, they also made a great necktie.

I need to find some darker blue felt. I finally found what look like good bundles of felt sheets and ordered them - there will be some navy in those, I hope. Oh and my felt eye vendor is back in business. Order placed. Whew.

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