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Today is hair cut day... finally. It actually looks ok, most of the time. Just a little shaggy and, towards the end of the day it looks like I forgot 'get hair cut' on my todo list. But, it's getting all tangled in my goggles and caught on my earbuds. I would have gotten it cut a month ago but I got an email asking me to be a pixie haircut model today. The price is right (free) and it will be kind of a mini adventure for the day. I'll take the street car and walk. It will be fun.

I got to the pool today at 7:20. The first thing I noticed was that the guy who has been there every single weekday from 7-7:30 wasn't there!! And while usually, when I get ther eat 7:20, it's him and maybe one other guy. Today there were 5 people swimming. The one who had a half lane free stopped to chat a bit and told me she had just joined. She came from the other gym in West Seattle that has a pool. She said that pool always has 6 to 7 swimmers PER LANE! She said ours was so quiet (which is one of the things I love about it, too).

About 7:50, the 7-7:30 guy came in - whew. He's not chatty. I'm lucky if I get one 'good morning' out of him a week. He got in and got out before I could even give im a hard time about changing schedules without notice. Oh well. He knows what he did.

After my swim, I dropped my Zappos returns off at the UPS store. I didn't like any of the three pair of shoes I bought so they all go back and I save $! And got tortillas at Safeway next door (I'm addicted to breakfast burritos these days) and still managed to end up in bumper to bumper traffic on the way home. Oh well. I made it. No biggie.

Last night's sushi was amazing. We had perfect seats at the end of a small chef's counter. The staff was really nice and the place was very comfortable and fun. But, mainly, the food was really really excellent. I did not put one thing in my mouth that I didn't love. There was one sake (out of maybe 8 that we tried) that I didn't like. It was just really all amazing. After, we needed a bit of a walk, a coffee and a little bite of something and we got all three. It was just a really nice evening all around and... we're going to do it again!

Next week we're going to a different sushi place - again chef counter seats. Very fun.

My arm and elbow continues to not feel perfectly well. It's not debilitating at all but it feels like it could be any time now. And it gives me flashes of ouch now and again. I think I'm going to go ahead and keep the doctor's appointment. It would be good to learn how to avoid in the future and how to fix now and if it ever happens again.

I logged onto the My Chart app this morning to double check the time and it now tells me what my co-pay will be ($15) which is very nice info to get ahead of time.

We're having big winds here today. I need to remember that when I leave for the street car.

But, first, I think I'll go give that loaner sewing machine a little workout.
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