Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Best laid plans

I decided to make up some doll faces before I started on a new doll. Doll faces start with sewing on the eyes. I do a bunch of eyes and then draw on the mouths with a sharpie. The machine was not playing nice with the eyes but I got them all on. Then I changed the thread out to a different color and the machine gave up.

I opened it all up and cleaned it all good and put in a new needle and rethreaded and nope. I did it all again. Nope. Nada. One of the reasons I bought it (last March) from a store instead of online, was service. So... off we went.

I worked hard not to get frustrated. At least it was mid-day when you can actually get from my house to Ballard (where the store is) reasonably. At least it was a day when I had time to do this. If they can't fix it right off, then it will cost a bundle. At least I have a bundle. If they won't give me a loaner, at least I can rent one from them.

There was a lot of conversation between me and me on the way.

I got the very nicest guy waiting on me. Adam. He spent a while looking at it and explaining a bunch of things to be kindly and clearly. And then he told me it was going to take more. "The sewing machine hospital?" I asked. "We actually prefer to call it the spa."

Probably it will cost $200 and probably it will take 2 weeks. Which is OUCH and OUCH. BUT, he did give me a loaner machine that is several steps down from mine in bells and whistles and sounds like a freight train but works perfectly fine.

So now it's all set up and I even got a start on the next doll.

Could be soooooo much worse.
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