Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The elbow is really fucking with me. Last night, when I turned out the lights to go to sleep, it was bugging me but I couldn't get up to take something because Zoey was all snuggled in. The net was that it took me 3 minutes to get to sleep instead of 1.5. Now, it just feels heavy. Like it's almost healed but not quite. I'm not canceling the doctor's appointment yet.

I was fairly near the end of my swim this morning. I stopped at the far end to see if I was done or not. The woman swimming next to me is a regular. She got to the end just after I stopped and looked over quite worried and asked "Are you ok???" I said I was fine and she said "Oh, I've never seen you stop before and I was worried something was wrong!" Cracked me up.

I believe that conventional thinking says that swimming with intervals of rest and max effort provides the bigger benefit but also requires thinking. How long do I swim? How long do I rest? So I don't bother. I get in and kick off from the edge and stop after about an hour and 5 or 10 minutes or when my Misfit app says I've gone more than 350 points. I sometimes stop to adjust my earbuds or lick the fog off my goggles. I didn't realize my non stopping was a thing. It was a good laugh.

Jeannie from The Baby Bank says she'd rather get the doll/bear delivery on Monday of next week so there will be no production number worries this month. There will, however, be a is-the-car-big-enough worry...

Tonight is a BFD. ljtourist and I have reservations at the Chef's counter at a renowned sushi place. I'm practicing getting the emphasis on the correct syllable for omakase. Lunch will be very early and very light and there will be zero snacking today.

My Pebble watch keeps vibrating randomly without telling me why. I'm not a fan when tech goes smart ass.

I just killed more than an hour dicking around with car insurance. My bill for the next six months is due $245.00. I went to another company for a quote to see if I cound save some coin. The result of that was learning that my current insurance price is very reasonable. The Guaranteed-Savings-Insurance-Quote came in $100 more than what I'm paying now. Er, no thank you. Then I went down a rabbit hole of discounts. I can save $32 a year by taking an 8 hour online course that cost $20 and only lasts 2 years. I think I'll worry about that another time.

Now I think I'll go put in a load of laundry and make a doll.
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