Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My arm and elbow have really felt ever so much better today. Around lunchtime I got a reply to my email to the doctor about physical therapy and he said he'd be happy to refer me but he wants to see me first which seems reasonable and he's always fun to see but, of course, it didn't hurt any more. Now, it's feeling a little sore again. So I just logged in and set up an appointment for Thursday morning. I love being able to email the doctor and set up an appointment without having to call. If I'm healed I'll know by Thursday and can cancel.

My next door neighbor knocked and asked to borrow some oil and then brought back the rest of the bottle along with a cake! Fair fucking trade, if you asked me. Chocolate cake with chocolate and salted caramel icing. No weed. In fact, he hasn't baked me any pot goodies in a long time. I'm glad he's not wasting the good stuff on me.

That button on this first doll is a button I got in a box of random buttons at the Goodwill. I loved it but it was way too big for dolls and the colors are so weird, I couldn't imagine they would ever work for a doll but I kept it and it's been bouncing around the sewing stuff for months now. Until today when it found a perfect spot. I love when that happens.

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