Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One too many or more probably the wrong one

My Chrome is lost it's mind. Yesterday I dug out an old chromebook that I'm thinking about connecting to one of my living room monitors but probably won't. But, it had been a year or more since I'd open it. So it needed charging and updating. I had all my chromes set to sync tabs with each other.

Some extension lost its mind. Every time I clicked on something 20 blank tabs would open. Then it happened on the bedroom chromebook and now on the Windows PC and now on the Pixel Chromebook.

So, yes, 1. I have way more computing machines that one person will ever need. 2. Their talking to each other is a successful enterprise. 3. The old game of telephone goes haywire a lot faster when chrome browsers play it together.

I have now turned off all extensions and tab syncing. I'm letting everyone take a time out and think about what they've done. Extensions will go back strictly on an as need basis and there will be no more tab syncing.

I dialed back on my early swim this morning. I didn't even leave here until 7:15. I got home after 9 but I did manage to avoid really bad traffic - both on the road and in the pool so win. I don't ever swim fast and today, particularly, was careful not to. A couple of times I felt a twinge that reminded me I had an elbow issue but really mostly it was fine while swimming and it's fine now. (And it did not wake me up last night.)

I spent so much this weekend on general stuff, I'm not at all tempted by cyber Monday deals. I was going to order more teddy bear yarn but I picked up some yesterday and I still have a small stash. So I think I'll just wait until it's gone and hope my yarn site has another free shipping deal. I did discover last night that my Etsy felt circle (doll eyes) vendor has suspended her shop for a while. I hit the panic button until I finally found another vendor to sell me the same thing. I wish I could figure out an easy way to make them myself.

EDIT an hour later: Well Herrschners sent me the email that pushed me over - 20% off entire order PLUS free shipping. OK goddmannit. I'll buy more yarn. I did limit myself to the minimum $35 and it is for a good cause and 3 or 4 other excuses but still.

Nothing much going on today. Sewing and a relatively short house todo list. Just a nice, quiet regular sized Monday. And I think I'll get it started now.
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