Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A different kind of Sunday

Last night my no-tennis tennis elbow woke me up and kept me up until I finally got up and took an Alieve. This shit is getting old. I'm sure if I just let my arm hang by my side or in a sling for a couple of weeks, it would be fine. I, however, would be batshit crazy. I need it to type, to sew, to knit, to swim!

I'm typing now and wearing a brace. It does feel better with the brace (which leads me to believe I have it on correctly). However, after a bit the brace digs into my fat arm and my no longer elastic skin. Sigh. I thought about taking the problem to my doctor but that seems pretty stupid. He'd just say don't use the arm. And that's not happening.

When I woke up this morning it was fine. It did not bother me one bit when I swam. I don't know what I did to make it hurt now. Scrolling web pages, is apparently, strenuous. GRRRRR

I swam in a different pool this morning. I wanted to go to Ballard to shop at Fred Meyer because a very very nice friend gave me a friends and family discount coupon for this week and I hadn't been to Fred Meyer in a long time and why not?! There's an LA Fitness within spitting distance of Fred's so that's where I swam.

It's just different enough from my regular pool to be weird. It's mainly lit by the natural light of giant windows. Today a very gray day so it was very dark and gray in the pool. The water is really too warm. The deepest part is about 5' like my pool but it's at one end (my pool has the deepest part in the center). When occasionally I stopped at the end of the pool, I'd forget and was shocked by how deep it was. And crowded. Holy crap. There were 3 in 2 of the 3 lanes for most of my swim. Crazy.

On the up side there's a digital timer so you can see your time constantly while swimming without having to stop which is really heaven.

There's a nice little breakfast/lunch/dinner/everyday cafe right next to the gym. The food is mediocre but it's handy and comfortable and the little guy who waited on me was cute as a button and gave perfect service. His tip included all the savings I saved shopping!

I bought a lava lamp because it was way marked down and then I saved more with the discount and it was in just the colors I wanted and why the fuck not. And I found some bear yarn in a brand I hadn't tried. And some turtleneck shirts and a few groceries.

I did not find a good bundle of felt squares that I was hoping to. Amazon charges too much but at least they have them. My dolls need hair!

I also found more of those Sheba stick cat treats that turn Zoey into a maniac. I gave her a stick in four pieces and, yep, maniac. At least now she knows how to sit and knows she gets no treat until she does.

A good haul.

I have my brother's newsletter to edit. I might skip doll making today and knit very carefully. And try to rest my elbow and keep the brace on. In hopes.
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