Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So I finally complained loudly enough and Instacart upped the refund and moved it to my credit card instead of my Instacart account. I can already see it on my card's account. I'd feel all warm and fuzzy except in their reply email, they went on at length trying to justify how a 'free' delivery includes a 10% surcharge and a tip. Their justifications missed the mark considerably. How you design your business model is your business. BUT do NOT call adding $25 to a $60 charge 'free'. taught me how to get groceries delivered in Seattle. Their food was more expensive and their service was superb and tipping was not allowed. I was happy and they went out of business so yeah, maybe, lesson learned.

The gym was no longer empty this morning. Even the pool was very full. It was fine. I got a good swim in and met a new friend. Aija (pronounced EYE ya). Easy to remember because I have a friend named Tija (pronounced TEE ya). Aija rejoined the gym because of the rain. She had a good pool work out going - some aerobics and some leg work with flippers and a board. She complemented me on my endurance and strength so we are now pool buddies :)

I toyed with stopping somewhere for breakfast but the one place I had in mind is too far with no parking so I came home and made myself and excellent pair of fried eggs with bacon and an English muffin.

Last night I watched the first of the new Gilmore Girls. I remembered why I stopped watching somewhere around season 2. But I did finish and I might watch the second one. I have 3 episodes of Good Behavior recorded and not watched. I'm parsing them out carefully. That is my new favorite show. Lady Mary has really turned over a new leaf.

Our PBS station is doing a complete dump of Downton Abby. I have a TiVo in the bedroom with a nearly empty hard drive. So I'm recording it all. I doubt seriously I will watch it again but... maybe. I found the clothes and the mores fascinating. I could easily enjoy it with the sound on mute.

Nothing on tap for today particularly. Doll making, of course. My back is kind of wonky today. I wonder if I slept on it funny. Hopefully, it won't get in the way of the doll making or the TV watching that will make up the rest of today.
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