Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am a morning person - physically, mentally and spiritually. I always have been but as I get older I get more and more morning-er. Today I have nothing on the agenda at all. Nothing. And, yet, I still got up early so I could get to the pool early for no good reason except that because there would be no traffic, I could. I am a curiosity to myself.

Yesterday when I left the gym it was packed to the gills. Packed. The music was on, the TVs were blaring, and there were people everywhere. Today the gym opened as usual at 5:30. When I got there just after 6:30, there were maybe 10 cars in the parking garage. (There are almost that many when I get there before it opens on a weekend - cars left there from the night before.) The woman at the front desk looked like she was mere minutes away from dying of boredom. No music. The TVs weren't on. There was one guy on the treadmill and the rest of the 25+ treadmills/ellipticals were empty. No one in the locker room. No one in the pool. When I left about an hour and 15 minutes later the population had jumped by 3 people. It was almost creepy weird.

I was going to brag that I'm not buying anything today. Not sure why that's a brag except maybe I'm proud of not getting sucked into the hype. Except, of course, I did. I got an email from Zappos about two coupons that are expiring today. So I bought a bag. $20. And I bought swimsuit lining from Amazon plus some other sewing stuff. $25 but I got a $10 gift card for ordering. And then I bought some swimsuit fabric at Fabric Fairy. Another $25. No coupon or deal at all.

So my no shopping turned into a fucking spree! But, I think I done now.

The coolest thing about getting to the pool early is that it gives me more of the day. I feel like I've been screwing around on this computer all morning and it's still not yet 10 am! Nice.

Now I think I'm going to go sew some dolls to celebrate... and break this spending spell!

Oh here's a bear I finished last night.

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