Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And NOT jumbo!

I have a thing about jumbo eggs. I love them. I always get them instead of any other size. I eat at least one egg every day and when a jumbo gives me two yokes, it feels like the lottery.

Instagram guy brought me large instead of jumbos. Really??? So, to recap. 10 items ordered. 7 delivered correctly.

Now I am moving on. I made my little purse items. I'd found some pajama pants with large cuffs in my fabric stash. They came from the free shelf in the garage. One of those cuffs is not my credit card holder! And part of the leg is now a sweet little folding sunglass holder with a little earbud compartment. I carry the smallest pocketbook on the planet. There's no room for a proper wallet. I constantly evaluate what's in there. It must be critical and small. I'm good for now.

I found this picture in the camera that I took at the computer museum. It's now my phone wallpaper.

My house smells like Chex Mix. I made up a regulation size batch BUT then measured out the dry parts for another two batches so I could flatten the boxes and pack up all the paper for the recycle bin. Now I have two more whole batches nearly ready to be born!

And I cut out a bunch of dolls and organized some fabric so that the room is tidy and I can easily select new doll bits. I need to make some more faces. I think I have enough for the rest of the dolls this month but it may be tight.

I did get one finished. And now I'm going to watch an episode of Black Mirror.

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