Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Delivery tolerance level too high

When my parents lived in Manhattan, we all learned about deliveries and how fabulous they were. Especially groceries. Having grown up in the land of station wagons and shopping centers, a big grocery trip was a nothingburger. But, in Manhattan, a big grocery trip was a huge deal of planning and queuing and then when it was all done, getting the stuff home (and, in a small Manhattan apartment, finding a place for all of it).

At the A&P nearest us in mid-town Manhattan, my Mom was best friends with Jerry, the delivery guy. She'd go first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds. Buy everything she needed and then later that day, Jerry would deliver it all. It was a good system.

When HomeGrocer.Com appeared on the scene I used them constantly. I loved them.

And now we have so many options. But, I'm over delivery, I think. I tried Instacart because I got a free delivery coupon. Well, free except for the 10% service fee and the delivery tip (15%) recommended. So... not free at all. (Normally you pay them $150 a year PLUS the 10% service fee and the recommended 15% tip.)

I 'shopped' yesterday. Delivery window noon-1. I got a text at 11:45 saying they were making substitutions and if I didn't want them, to text them right away. I did and immediately got a response that I was too late. WTF?

So out of 10 items I got 8 I wanted and 2 I did not. The delivery guy was pleasant enough and figured out the front door buzzer system (which is obvious but most delivery people don't get it even with instructions). He was here within 5 minutes of the start of the hour delivery window. I'm glad to have the stuff.

After I bitched they gave me credit for the wrong items BUT it is account credit so I can only access it if I use them again which I'm not going to. Lesson learned. Instacart, you are an uninstall.

On the up side, I feel better now, about doing my own shopping and, I'll tip myself 20% cause I am that good.
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