Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I was the first person at the gym this morning. Another joined me about the time the front desk person came to unlock. The one today is my favorite and she let us in even though it was still 5 til. So I was in the pool by 8 and it was lovely. For most of an hour the pool wasn't crowded at all. Everybody had their own lane. Towards the end of my swim, however, activity picked up. People who were clearly regulars but not morning regulars. I didn't know any of them. Once showered and in the locker room getting dressed more swimmers were heading to the pool. I was glad to be done.

The locker room is at the back of the gym so to get out, you have to walk through the entire gym and it was shocking. The place was more packed that I had ever seen it. All 25+ treadmills/elliptical/stair machines were in use. Most other machines were also in use. The bike room had a nice population as did the studio.

Clearly 4 hours of open isn't enough!

I came home and fried eggs for breakfast. Yum. I have plenty of other food on hand and Instacart is delivering all the Chex Mix stuff between noon and 1. (I spent way too much time last night comparing all the delivery services. Two of them had enough of the same stuff I ordered to do a direct price/convenience test. Safeway was cheaper (less than 10% cheaper) BUT I would not get the stuff before Saturday and with a 4 hour window.) The Instacart delivery cost $150 a year to join (I'm using a free trial).

I think I'll be going back to getting off my ass and out the door for my groceries.

I need to make a new holder for my credit cards and a new pouch for my sunglasses. I figured out new schemes for both while swimming this morning. So I think I'll put those schemes to the test. And then make dolls. This afternoon there will probably be some Chex Mix Makin'. I saved enough of the good stuff from the bake sale so I can test and adjust my own recipe.
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